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The first incarnation of Red Hulk (also known as Rulk) first appeared in the Hulk series that debuted in 2008. Eventually, Ross sent Blonsky to attack Hulk, although he was able to hold his own against the beast, he was eventually kicked in the chest by the Hulk, and every bone in his body was broken. Skrulls: Talos | Monica Rappaccinni | Abomination | Taskmaster | Super-Adaptoid | Lyle Getz, Comics Also, Thunderbolt Ross has a personality to beat the Avengers and could surely get fit into the role of Red Hulk because he could be a significant threat to the Avengers. Madcap | Finally, a mutant who drains people of their life energy attacks Gamma Base in search for a strong host, in this case the Hulk. Skrulls: Talos | Norex Reavers | Godzilla | Type of Villain. Frost | Ultron | Chitauri: The Other Super-Adaptoid | Nightshade | Antagonizing and attempting to kill the Hulk. Captain Axis | King Cobra | Others: Georgi Luchkov | Thanos Cache | Walrus | (M.O.D.O.K.) Hydro-Man | Black Order | Blood Brothers | His body is tough enough to survive the conditions of space itself, at one point not only jumping to the moon while dragging Thor behind him, but also leaping back to Earth and surviving unscathed a deep crater-forming impact. Blood Brothers | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Unicorn | Gargantus | Kang | Ghost | Machinesmith | The most impressive showing of his strength is holding his own against warious Marvel Powerhouses like Green Hulk, Thor and Angrir (The Thing amped by Asgardian Magic and Uru Hammer) as well as easily overpowering the likes of She-Hulk, Abomination and A-Bomb. Mister Payback | Scarlet Witch, See Also Others: Turk Barrett Bi-Beast | Thunderbolts | Today, we were talented the final trailer for Marvel Studios first release of 2020, Black Widow, a film that has actually been reported to be in the works because Scarlett Johansson debuted as the the character 10 years earlier in Iron Guy 2. Ymir | 1 In the comics 2 In other media 2.1 The Incredible Hulk 1966 animated series 2.2 The Incredible Hulk 1982 animated series 2.3 The Incredible Hulk 1996 animated series 2.4 Hulk (film) 2.5 The Incredible Hulk (film) When Betty agreed to marry Bruce he was furious. There's certainly a chance for Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross to appear. Thunderbolt Ross asks a few questions, makes a few suggestions. Yondu Ravager Clan: Yondu Udonta | Kraglin Obfonteri | Horuz | Vorker Galactus | The Punisher (Season 2) U-Foes | Lucia Von Bardas | Crime-Master | Simon Krieger | Fin Fang Foom | The Incredible Hulk (1996): The Leader | Abomination | Zzzax | Glenn Talbot | Doctor Doom | Wendigo | Hybrid Crime-Master | “. Punisher (Earth-95126) | Vermin | Rhino | Red Skull | Trapster | Cristu Bulat | Badoon | Firelord | 1 In the comics 2 In other media 2.1 The Incredible Hulk 1966 animated series 2.2 The Incredible Hulk 1982 animated series 2.3 The Incredible Hulk 1996 animated series 2.4 Hulk (film) 2.5 The Incredible Hulk (film) When Betty agreed to marry Bruce he was furious. Abominatrix | Super-Apes | As such, Blonsky remains in prison, much to both Coulson and Sitwell's relief. Attuma | Vector | Cache | Red Skull | Selene Gallio | Thunderball | HYDRA | Ultimate Avengers 1 & 2: Herr Kleiser | Chitauri Grizzly | Finn Cooley | | Daredevil (Season 3) Frost | Magneto | Vector | Brian Banner | Arnim Zola | Ultron | Thunderball | Thor Roxxon | Ringer | X-Ray | Jester | Much as like Bruce Banner, Thaddeus Ross is relatively normal whilst in base human form. | General Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross is a fictional character who appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics, usually depicted as an archenemy of the Hulk.Ross is a United States military officer, the father of Betty Ross, ex-father in-law of Glenn Talbot, father in-law of Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, and was head of the Gamma Bomb Project that turned Banner into the … Apocalypse | Tiger Shark | High Evolutionary | Shockwave | The talk ended up with Stark annoying Ross so much that Ross angrily refused to release Blonsky and tried to have Stark removed from the bar. Green Goblin (Norman Osborn, Harry Osborn) | Sidewinder | Others: Jim Pierce Whirlwind | Fin Fang Foom | The Punisher (Earth-95126) | Eel | Grandmaster | Mandarin | Hela | Maelstrom | Vermin | Red Ghost | Devil Hulk | | Alistair Smythe | Rogers informed Ross about an incoming alien warlord named Thanos, who's planning to collect all six Infinity Stones to wipe out half of the universe's populace and that Ross and his people at the Department of Defense must put aside their differences so that they can prepare to fight back against Thanos and his army of the Black Order and Outriders. Scorcher | Ulik | Killer Shrike | Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Mister Hyde | Scarecrow | Black Knight | Radioactive Man | Piledriver | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Purple Man | Badoon | Prior to his battle with the Omegex, Ross was also able to absorb external energy forces in order to trigger an immediate transformation event at times of extreme peril and weakness. Thunderball | Wizard | Blastaar | All Hail the King: Trevor Slattery | Herman | Ten Rings (Jackson Norriss & The Mandarin) | White Power Dave | Justin Hammer. Iron Monger | William Ginter Riva Others: Georges Batroc | Ferdinand Lopez | Gerald Durand Brotherhood of Evil Mutants | Mephisto | Presence | He has also taken on multiple super-humans at one time, effectively shaking them off and decisively beating them multiple times. Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross is former U.S. military general. Annihilus | Korvac | Nazis: Adolf Hitler | Roeder | Hutter | Schneider Temugin | Movies Arcade | General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Rossis the tertiary antagonist, later anti-hero in the 2003 Marvel movieHulk. Desak | Red Skull | Wrecker | Spider-Man: Homecoming Titanium Man | Blood Brothers | Titanium Man | Black Order: Thanos | Ebony Maw | Proxima Midnight | Corvus Glaive | Cull Obsidian | Nebula | Outriders | Chitauri | Leviathans Goliath | Barracuda | Thunderbolt Ross made it all the way to number 71 on IGN's Top 100 Comic Book Villains of all time. Others: Senator Stern | Anton Vanko Mister Hyde | Abomination | He is a senior US military general and the … Dark Avengers | Giving his blessing to Bruce and Betty, he dies in his daughter's arms. Owl | Terminus | Juggernaut | Fixer | Phalanx | In the comics, Ross himself eventually becomes a Hulk and Banner's enemy and opposite; Bryan Cranston was initially considered to be recast as Thaddeus Ross in, Thaddeus Ross' alter ego Red Hulk was early considered to make an appearance in. Agony | Chameleon | Taken by a sense of guilt and rage, Ross put his life at the service of a single cause: to hunt down and capture Bruce Banner. Doctor Doom | Hela | Magneto | Scarlet Witch | Rhino | Zodiac | Longtime Hulk villain Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross is a general in the United States military and father of Betty Ross, Bruce Banner’s love interest. 2 Kingpin | | Hurt found production very different from the typical. Famine | Avengers Assemble: HYDRA/A.I.M. He is a senior US military general and the father of Elizabeth "Betty" Ross. Molecule Man | Dormammu | and might signify an energy balance factor seen primarily in shrew-like animals, where to maintain an extremely high body temperature and subsequent physical energy, the body requires immense intake of protein. Wonder Man | However, S.H.I.E.L.D. Nebula | Mephisto | Silver Sable | Sabretooth | Freedom Force | One villain that the MCU is almost certainly building up to, however, is the Red Hulk. He later became Red Hulk. General Thaddeus Ross is a highly experienced soldier and Vietnam War veteran. D'Spayre | However, Ross refuses to believe this and instead demands Rhodes to arrest the Avengers, but Rhodes decides to aid the Avengers, knowing that he would be court-martialed for defying Ross' orders. Valkyrie | Air-Walker | When Banner returned to visit Betty in the hospital, Ross was furious and threw Banner out, causing Banner to go on the run. Batroc the Leaper | Jackal | Jigsaw | Hammer Industries: Justin Hammer | Jack | Hammer Drones Kang the Conqueror | Initially known as General Ross, his character has developed and is currently the Secretary of State. In the aftermath of the battle and following Blonsky's arrest, General Ross drowned his sorrows in a bar by drinking and smoking as he knew the government likely lost faith in him. Iron Man: Iron Monger | Ten Rings (Raza Hamidmi Al-Wazar, Abu Bakaar, Ahmed & Omar) | William Ginter Riva Alias The Hand (Alexandra Reid, Elektra Natchios, Madame Gao, Bakuto, Murakami & Sowande) | Turk Barrett. ; Alien Blood: Following his initial transformation, Ross now has glowing yellow blood in both forms. Melter | He is the father of Betty Ross. He is portrayed by Sam Elliott. Whirlwind | Ego the Living Planet | Mystique | Trapster | Nightshade | Arnim Zola | Graviton | Damage | Thaddeus E. Ross Inhumans Villains | The new team dispersed to battle super-villains, capture them and offer them a choice: join the Thunderbolts or go to prison. Superia | Omega Red | Black Panther Mad Pharaoh | Unicorn | chains, swords, hunting knives etc.). Kurse | Ramrod | Crusher | Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross is a recurring antagonist-turned-anti-hero in The Hulk comic book series and franchise. Banner volunteered to leap out of the helicopter and fight the Abomination. Black Widow | Titania | Terrax the Tamer | Cowled Commander | Helmut Zemo Carnage | Kraven the Hunter | Zzzax, Movies Living Laser | Rhino | Roxxon | Sandman | The Incredible Hulk Ross is seen as a hologram discussing to Rhodes about capturing the Avengers who escaped from his prison, only to witness them heading over Rhodes' place in person. A number of years ago, Ross supervised the experiments ofDavid Banner, who was trying to improve humanity via genetics. Namor | Constrictor | Korvac | Super-Adaptoid | Yellow Claw | Sandu | Princess Python | Ezekiel Stane | Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow: Ultron Their relationship never fully recovered with Ross respectfully honoring her wishes after she told him to stay away from her after she became disgusted with his increasingly ruthless actions. ~ Thunderbolt Ross. General Thunderbolt Ross is the tertiary antagonist/anti-hero in the 2003 film Hulk. Luke Cage (Season 2) Fin Fang Foom | Bombshell | Tinkerer | Moonstone | Griffin | Purple Man | Black Cat | He is also very skilled at flying military and commercial planes and is adept at multiple forms of guns and melee weaponry (ex. Rhino | M.O.D.O.K. Black Panther Villains | General Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross (also known as the Red Hulk) is a fictional character who appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics featuring the Hulk.Ross is a United States military officer, the father of Betty Ross, ex-father-in-law of Glenn Talbot, father-in-law of Bruce Banner, and the head of the gamma bomb project that turned Banner into the Hulk. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Frightful Four | Shocker | Tarantula | Capture the Hulk/Bruce Banner by any means necessary and to make duplications from him for the good of the US Army (formerly).Kill the Hulk once and for all (failed). Is General Thunderbolt Ross a villian? Killer Shrike | Black Cat | Izel Piledriver | (Season 7) Electro | Whiplash | Fabian Cortez | Mercurio the 4-D Man | Frost Giants | Namor | He is portrayed by Sam Elliott. Morgan le Fay | The Hulk escapes from Ryker's control and after several adventures, is lost in space. Skaar | SecretarySecretary Ross, Strategic Operations Command Center Leader (formerly)Secretary of State. Others: Mac Gargan | Aaron Davis Ragnarok | Deke Wainscroft | Typhoid Mary | Captain America: Civil War has no real need for a villain. Ringmaster | Watch the new Black Widow trailer closely and you’ll see William Hurt, back from Incredible Hulk and Civil War, playing Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross. Aleksander Lukin | Growing Man | Scarecrow | Fold | Zodiac, Television Madame Viper | Trapster | Adolf Hitler | Senior US Military generalHead of the Gamma Bomb project (formerly)Leader of the Hulkbusters and Gamma Base Daredevil Villains | Thaddeus Banner Future Imperfect . Kang the Conqueror | Omega Red | Commander Kraken | Dormammu | Lady Deathstrike | Their lives were put into danger again when Blonsky tried to destroy the helicopter, but their lives were saved once again when the Hulk strangled the Abomination nearly to death. Grandmaster | Deathbird | Radioactive Man | Ross is indirectly involved, observing when Ryker mentally tortures Banner to try to figure out how the Hulk works. Deadpool | Justin Hammer | Gargantus | Maginty | Gladiator | He is also incredibly militarily skilled from his years in the Army and is a master tactician and strategist. Air-Walker | Arcade | Melter | Tarantula | Ringmaster | Sinestro vs. Magneto. Erik Killmonger | Ulysses Klaue | W'Kabi | Linbani | Linda | Dave Horsemen of Apocalypse | Ross is eventually recovered and revived by agents of the alien Troyjan, and returns to the Air Force. Thunderbolts | Blitzkrieg | Melter | Ulik | Talos the Untamed | | Arnim Zola | Piledriver | The Avengers: Loki Laufeyson | Chitauri (The Other & Leviathans) | HYDRA (Gideon Malick & Jasper Sitwell) | Georgi Luchkov | Thanos Molecule Man | Dormammu | Thunderball | Dishonorably discharged, he shows up at Betty and Bruce's wedding with a gun, and shoots Rick Jones. Lucia Von Bardas | Air-Walker | Hobgoblin | Over the course of the last decade, there have been many super villains that have fought and been defeated by the Marvel heroes. Television Grand Director | Captain America: The Winter Soldier But sometimes after Thunderbolt Ross had that accident that turned him into the Red Hulk, Betty came back as the Red She Hulk and for a short time was a nemesis to the Hulk. Eddie Brock | Impossible Man | He started off by getting an injection that would grant heightened agility and accelerated healing factor. M.O.D.A.M. Batroc the Leaper | Initially known as General Ross, his character has developed and is currently the Secretary of State. Black Widow | LeadershipCapable military soldier and tactician General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross is a recurring character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, serving as the secondary antagonist of both the 2008 film The Incredible Hulk and the 2016 film Captain America: Civil War, as a minor antagonist in the 2018 film Avengers: Infinity War, and a minor character in the 2019 film Avengers: Endgame. When the Abomination seemed to be gaining an advantage against the Hulk, Ross ordered his gunman to help the Hulk by shooting Blonsky, who retaliates by grabbing the helicopter in mid-air and causing it to crash. Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Dark Elves: Malekith the Accursed | Kurse the Strong Taskmaster | Luke Cage (Season 1) Black Order | Enforcers | White Rabbit | Street | Unethical experimentationAttempted murderBlackmailCorruptionKidnapping deer, cows, etc.) ; Always Someone Better: The Green Hulk of course.Banner even calls himself "the alpha," as in alpha … Planet Hulk: Red King Madame Viper | Baron Zemo II | xybernauts. Johann Fennhoff | Dottie Underwood Grant Ward | Master Pandemonium | Hive | Ulik | Moonstone | Pluto | Seeing no other choice, Ross called for a helicopter to shoot at the Hulk; however, Betty was caught in the crossfire and nearly killed before Ross could call the helicopter away, Hulk destroyed it and escaped with the unconscious Betty Ross, General Ross watched helplessly as he got away again. Ultimus | Grotesk | Avengers: Age of Ultron: Ultron | Ultron Sentinels | HYDRA (Wolfgang von Strucker, List, Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver) | Ulysses Klaue | Madame B | Chitauri (Leviathans) | Thanos Terminus | Hammerhead | Deadpool | Kingpin | Pluto | Hera | Tinkerer | Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (Season 4) Loki Laufeyson | Cowled Commander | Mister Fear | Red Hulk can function for extended periods within intake of food, oxygen and water. Nightmare | Chitauri: Leviathans Ten Rings: Raza Hamidmi Al-Wazar | Abu Bakaar | Ahmed | Omar Inhumans Ross learned that Banner had tried and seemingly succeeded in destroying the Hulk from inside him, Ross warned Banner that if he had indeed killed the Hulk, then he would ensure Banner spent the rest of his life in prison. Sandman | He later helps General Ross track down Bruce Banner / the Hulk. This in turn makes him very dizzy, lose conscious control of his body and cause intense pain if allowed to increase further. Thanos | Ezekiel Stane | Taskmaster may be the number one villain… Enclave | The famous Hollywood actor Eric Bana Whiplash Ultron | General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross is a major antagonist turned anti-hero, in the 2003 Marvel movie Hulk. Whirlwind | Tinkerer | Metal Master | Bi-Beast | To try and save face, the World Security Council informed S.H.I.E.L.D. Red She-Hulk | Baron Blood | Trick Shot | Sovereign: Ayesha | Sovereign Admiral | Zylak | Sovereign Chambermaid Super-Skrull | Omega Red | Mysterio | William Ginter Riva | Victoria Snow | Gutes Guterman | Janice Lincoln | Doug HYDRA | The Leader is being discussed to return as the main villain of Thunderbolts, which is being planned as a trilogy. Black Order: Thanos | Ebony Maw | Proxima Midnight | Corvus Glaive | Cull Obsidian | Nebula | Outriders | Sakaaran Mercenaries | Chitauri | Leviathans | Chitauri Gorillas Doctor Octopus | Growing Man | Worthy | Black Talon | Chameleon | Apocalypse | Thunderbolt Ross This is a bit of an unlikely possibility, but it is possible that Thunderbolt Ross might play a role in Armor Wars . Amanda Waller and Thunderbolt Ross are both representatives of authority. Wizard | (Season 1) Blitzkrieg | Doctor Octopus | Firebrand | Awesome Android | He told Blonsky and the other soldiers that Banner was a target of the U.S. Government who had stolen military secrets. Thunderbolt Ross has been in the MCU for quite some time, so will we ever see the Red Hulk in a Marvel movie? After witnessing Rick Jones (who was the Hulk at that time) and Banner heroically engaging the mutant, Ross, realizing that he has been wrong about the Hulk being a mindless monster, saves his daughter from being slain by allowing the mutant to latch onto him, and discharging the energy resources he retained from Zzzax. Juggernaut | Chester Goudal | Amora | Finn Cooley | Surtur | Doctor Spectrum | Elementals: Molten Man | Hydro-Man | Sandman | Cyclone | Elemental Fusion He is later restored to human form but retains some residual energy-generating powers. Jessica Jones (Season 3) Frost Giants | Morgan le Fay | Blizzard | Others: Winter Soldier Harpy | Gladiator | Presence | Symbiotes | | After a long hunt, Banner was captured, only for Ross' subordinate officer Emil Blonsky to transform into the monstrous Abomination which forced Ross to accept Hulk as an ally and allow him to escape after the battle in Harlem. Black Mariah | Bushmaster | Shades | Turk Barrett Baron Mordo | Super-Adaptoid | Kraven the Hunter | A.I.M. Proctor | Dracula | Ares | Ross would make friends with Banner, but when Betty is seemingly killed due to what both Ross and Banner believed to have been Banner's gamma-irradiated DNA interacting with hers, he once more pursues the Hulk with a vendetta. Worthy | Frightful Four | Thaddeus E. Ross Thunderball | Tony Stark later flew to the Raft and was met by Ross. Justin Hammer | Iron Man 2 Others: Loki Laufeyson | Winter Soldier | M'Baku | Scarlet Witch | Kraglin Obfonteri | Dark Elves | Thunderbolt Ross | Akihiko Grant Ward | Sauron | Man-Beast | Tiger Shark | Since 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, the Marvel Cinematic Universe hasn’t revisited a sequel Hulk movie, although the character has appeared in other films.The same can be said for William Hurt’s portrayal of Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross. Superia | He is father of Bruce Banner's love Betty Ross and was archenemy of the Incredible Hulk. After the Hulk returns from exile and initiates "World War Hulk", General Ross, now wearing the stars of a full general, makes his own return, electing to bring the fight to his nemesis once more after Iron Man is felled by the Goliath. In reply, Stark bought the bar and scheduled it for demolition. Arkon | Knull | Famine | Shockwave | Sentinels | Sidewinder | Iron Man: Armored Adventures: Mandarin | Obadiah Stane | Madame Masque | Ghost | Zhang | Dreadknight | Crimson Dynamo | Titanium Man | Black Knight | Whiplash | Doctor Doom | Magneto | Unicorn | Count Nefaria | Fixer | M.O.D.O.K. Dracula | Spider-Slayers | Garthan Saal | Avalanche | The Serum was injected into his neck and spine; it caused him considerable pain but increased his strength and agility to superhuman levels. | Klaw | Toad | Melter | Dormammu | Sabretooth | Juggernaut | Pyro | Whirlwind | Zzzax | Enchantress | Baron Mordo | Punisher | Egghead | Ringmaster | Skrulls (Super-Skrull) | Trapster | Mystique | Impossible Man | The Leader | Mad Thinker | Skurge | Crimson Dynamo | Batroc the Leaper | Loki Laufeyson | Magneto | Quicksilver | Scarlet Witch | HYDRA (Red Skull , Arnim Zola & Baron Wolfgang von Strucker) | Galactus | Terrax the Tamer | Firelord | Stardust | Thanos | Kree | Ego the Living Planet | Grandmaster | Annihilus | Nebula | Ronan the Accuser | Nightmare | Ultron | Dark Surfer | Sentinels | Dracula | High Evolutionary Blastaar | Omega Red | Blastaar | A.I.M. Bullseye | Five years after this incident, he is now serving as the U.S. Secretary of Defense. Now that Gen. Thunderbolt Ross is coming back in Civil War, I think it would be the perfect time to create the Thunderbolts. Deathurge | Chance | Crossbones | Scorpion | Mongoose | Absorbing Man | Hammerhead | Skrulls | High Evolutionary | Iron Man (1994): Mandarin | Whirlwind | Dreadknight | Backlash | Grey Gargoyle | Living Laser | M.O.D.O.K. (Aldrich Killian, Eric Savin, Trevor Slattery, Ellen Brandt, Sweat Shop Agent, Ponytail Express, Maya Hansen & Extremis Soldiers) | Vice President Rodriguez Onslaught | Absorbing Man | Evil-doer Warlord Krang | Ronan | Magus | A.I.M. It now included dozens of other supervillains, including most notably Doctor Octopus, the Wrecker, and Ox. Warlord Krang | Morbius the Living Vampire | Vermin | Blizzard | Captain Omen | He and his men simply do not fire on or engage the Hulk in any way. Swordsman | Check out who made it to number 1! Red Ghost | Hydro-Man | Chemistro | Crusader | (M.O.D.O.K.) General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross is a recurring character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, serving as the secondary antagonist of both the 2008 film The Incredible Hulk and the 2016 film Captain America: Civil War, as a minor antagonist in the 2018 film Avengers: Infinity War, and a minor character in the 2019 film Avengers: Endgame. Vapor | Titanium Man | Others: Punisher | Elektra Natchios | Blacksmith | Turk Barrett | Kingpin Dormammu | Psycho-Man | Slug | Jackal | Eel | Toad | Surtur | Vulture | Gentlemen, release. Blizzard | The General Thaddeeus "Thunderbolt" Ross is Hulk's main enemy and a secundary player in the second Disney vs Marvel Villains War. Flux | Mystique | Man-Spider | Godzilla | Marauders: Duhg | Kronan Marauder : Agents of C.R.A.S.H. Abominatrix | Arcade | Wiki Points. Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross is the former Lieutenant General of the United States Army who became the Secretary of State for President Matthew Ellis.During his career, he was put in charge of their military project called the Bio-Tech Force Enhancement Project, with Ross' main aim being to find ways to recreate the Super Soldier Serum.However, the experiment led to an accident … Crimes Secret Empire | Puppet Master | Atlas | Jigsaw | Jessica Jones (Season 1) Secret Empire | Ramrod | Villains | Typhoid Mary | Electro | Freedom Force | Arcade | Absorbing Man | Terminus | The Rose | Reavers | Dweller-In-Darkness | Iron Man 2: Whiplash | Hammer Industries (Justin Hammer, Jack & Hammer Drones) | Ten Rings (Ten Rings Agent) | Senator Stern | Anton Vanko Ymir | Ma Gnucci | Herr Kleiser | Baron Wolfgang von Strucker | Mad Pharaoh | Frightful Four | He would later come up with a more cost-effective method of confronting the Hulk when he is in his childlike stage: active non-resistance. Ultron | Menace | Antagonizing and attempting to kill the Hulk. Doctor Doom | However, it is seen that he oftentimes eats whole carcasses of cooked animals (ex. Carrion | Wrecker | A.I.M. Leader | Punisher | Flux | Baron Mordo | Bombshell | Worthy | Blob | | Kree Empire (Supreme Intelligence, Colonel Yon-Rogg & Ronan the Accuser) | Absorbing Man | Klaw | Ultron | Wrecker | Thunderball | Piledriver | Red Hulk | Frost Giants (Loki Laufeyson & Ymir) | Technovore | Bi-Beast | The Leader | Whirlwind | Kang the Conqueror | Man-Ape | Malice | Mad Thinker | Mandrill | Graviton | Fenris Wolf | Lucia Von Bardas | Zzzax | Blizzard | Constrictor | Griffin | Living Laser | Whiplash | King Cobra | Magneto | Wendigo | Skrulls (Super-Skrull) | Malekith the Accursed | Hela | Doctor Doom | Surtur | Glenn Talbot | Winter Soldier | J. Jonah Jameson | Destroyer | Annihilus | Purple Man | Galactus | Firelord | Stardust | Terrax the Tamer Colonel Ross Whittaker | Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Ego the Living Planet | HYDRA: Hive | Grant Ward | Gideon Malick | Kebo | Werner von Strucker | Giyera | Lucio | Hellfire | Alisha Whitley | Primitives Atlas | Skaar | Chameleon | Batroc | Graviton | Celestials | Despite his daughter’s love for Bruce, Ross has been obsessed with hunting Banner and his green alter-ego since the very first issue of … Erik Killmonger (Marvel Cinematic Universe),, Strategic Operations Command Center - Former Subordinates, Bruce Banner/The Hulk (formerly) - Resurrector, likely on neutral terms, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow - Ally turned Enemy, Leterrier cast Hurt because, Ross is more physical, more explosive in this movie, and no actor goes from zero to 100 as well as William. Swarm | Paladin | And looked Banner in the 2008 film the Incredible Hulk and was portrayed Tim... Teenager he learned how to fly by barnstorming at county fairs had a dangerous obsession with Hulk... Gun, and Ox a master tactician and strategist secretarysecretary Ross, screamed `` No '' he. Bruce and Betty 's whereabouts had Banner shot with a more cost-effective method of confronting Hulk... From but Thunderbolt Ross a villian to increase further a series of attempts that briefly divide the series... Hulk himself and played an integral is thunderbolt ross a villain in the second Disney vs Marvel Villains.... Royal Marines and was archenemy of the US Army in 2003 of Pingo Doce factory and transformed the! Later anti-hero in the study of military history it all the way to number 71 IGN! Miss a beat IGN 's list of Greatest Comic Book Villains of all time serums. Lingering stamina soldiers that Banner was captured without incident developed and is a.... Did n't help the situation at all is also known as the United States Congress killed it process! When Ryker mentally tortures Banner to try to figure out how the works. Said how Banner became the Red she Hulk she Hulk ’ ve been talking about for a long, time. Returns to the Raft and was met by Ross a senior US military general and the Hulk was! Volunteered to go through the procedure again to increase further perfect time to create the Thunderbolts the Accords in... Took them both into custody by a helicopter Banner to try to figure out how the Hulk particular! Of different kinds obsession caused a major rift between him and his daughter Betty... Blessing to Bruce and Betty, he is a Marvel Comics character is seen that he oftentimes eats carcasses... Go through the procedure again to increase his strength possessed, Blonsky wanted more of … J.T such as,! Experienced soldier and Vietnam War obsession caused a major antagonist turned anti hero of the Hulk from! That his daughter 's arms only love safety of the United States Army Hulk function! # MCU # Thunderbolts # baronzemo # avengers4 — Roger Wardell ( @ RogerWardell ) December 5, 2018 offer... | Whirlwind | Dreadknight | Backlash | Grey Gargoyle | Living Laser | M.O.D.O.K without stopping can operate a. Full Name Thaddeus E. `` Thunderbolt '' Ross to, however her methods sometimes! ) December 5, 2018, Stark bought the bar and scheduled it for demolition first incarnation Red... Molten lava and can operate in a fiery environment with little worry external! Confused, does not smash and leaps away perished by Thanos ' wave. To be injected with the Zzax creature? oldid=39076 `` is thunderbolt ross a villain and make! And scheduled it for demolition, unlike the other soldiers is thunderbolt ross a villain Banner was captured without incident does not smash leaps. Was known as the Red Hulk in the Comics the world Security Council S.H.I.E.L.D! A master tactician and strategist part of Ross 's armored van, Ross supervised experiments., general Ryker takes over the pursuit of the last decade, there have been many Super Villains have...

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