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They claim photo id is not clear. Savings Secured Lrequire collateral and can only be offered borrowed against a DCU Savings or Certificate Account. While. You could also choose to open other types of bank accounts at this stage. Enjoy no monthly fees and a competitive APY with this online-only savings account. After I get the email about the credit freeze, then I get the email overnight about the drivers license not being clear enough again! Coverdell education savings accounts. 20yrs member and DCU has become the WORST EVER cu. All you need is $5 to open a Primary Savings account with DCU. AMEX also has a variety of CD's for low-risk investors. How do I close my DCU Primary Savings account? You can even get your pay check 2 days early when you apply for direct deposit and you can even pay your bills online. They offer high-rate/high-balance special savings accounts etc. They ignore fraud alerts from a credit bureau. I have a DCU free checking account, and it is great because there are no monthly fees or anything. DCU is a good credit union. They did NOTHING! They didn't make a lot of sense, and the English was terrible. I have been with DCU since I was an employee with DEC back in 1994. In this review, we’ll cover: Savings account options CD rates Checking account options Money market account IRA options DCU savings account options Primary Savings This account … I gave very good businesses to this credit union since 18 years and in return they have been they dented my credit score (since last 2 decades I was at 790-820) by falsely reporting the missing payments. Since this is an online account, you will have ability to manage your account from anywhere that has internet. For example, an electronic banking transaction I sent from DCU to another bank to pay a credit card never got posted. No monthly maintenance fees. The interest rates are good but you must keep a minimum of $5.00 in the account at all times but that is easy to maintain. within couple of months, came down to 600+ because of DCU reportings. My latest product was opening another savings account which was SO EASY!! Absolutely horrible Customer service, and they will crucify you at ever chance they get. This is a great local credit union. I like that this bank has ATMs all over and is good about giving a reimbursement for ATM fees. We also provide products and services for all of your small business needs, as well as DCU Financial, DCU Realty, & DCU Insurance. Earn a promotional APY for your first 3 months and access your money by ATM, check or bill pay. This situation is scary . A free high-interest savings account with a $100 minimum deposit to open. Without that cd rates are 25 basis points (.25) less than published. Anyone can contribute to the account, including parents, grandparents, relatives, or friends,** and the funds can also be used for primary education expenses, such as private elementary school tuition. Basically, automatic payments did not work as it was intended not just once, but, was broken more 6-7 times and they accept their fault. Nevertheless, the lack of fees and the terrific hours (open until 5, Monday thru Wednesday, until 7 on Thursday and Friday, and from 9 to 3 on Saturday), along with the ability to have as many sub-accounts as you want within your account (home improvement account, monthly bills account, R & R account, etc) as well as consistently good customer service, make them a winning choice for a bank. I requested my credit report from Chex, but I … In General ATM PIN/password should be set(At least Reset chance) by account holder, the one S/He ONLY can remember it. We may receive compensation from our partners for placement of their products or services. The rates DCU publishes on it's website are for customers with a "relationship checking". Luckily, there’s no monthly fee or minimum balance to worry about with this account. I originally applied for an unsecured credit card back about a year ago and was promptly turned down by one of their "Loan Officers" using the excuse they wanted to see no more accounts applied for (inquiries). The DCU Primary Savings Account is ideal for individuals who are just getting started on their savings journey. I opened a membership with DCU, and after my membership had been open for a month, my account was frozen. I also opened a saving account when I opened my checking. They have several branches where I am located as well as ATMs that are free to use. Low APRs and easy to get loans and morgages in a safe way!! Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU) Reviews. I've had a few accounts over the years with DCU and they are by far the worst credit union I have used by far. Always recommend them. finder.com is a financial comparison and information service, not a bank or product provider, We cannot provide you with personal advice or recommendations, CIT Bank Savings Builder High Yield Savings Account. (Everyone was doing then.) Opening an account with DCU was frustrating because I needed to have a family connection to an existing member. The website is easy to use as well, and transfers to/from my other bank go through in a timely manner. A joke of a bank. This DCU bank follows very poor security processes. We may also receive compensation if you click on certain links posted on our site. I'm not unlocking.3. The content displayed is for general information purposes only; always verify account details and availability with the financial institution before opening an account. At Finder, we value and respect our editorial independence. Digital Credit Union's Primary Savings account doesn't provide any student-specific features, but it is designed for those just starting to save and doles out a generous 6.17% APY on your first $1,000. They are the best around. She has a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations and a Master of Business Administration from Georgia Southern University. You have to have 25K so that does not always work for me. However, the free credit score is the main reason that I have this account. Customer service can be a hit-or-miss, the automated phone system at times makes it difficult to get through to the proper channels, but most of the time the service reps are very nice and helpful. Tried another source of direct deposit and DCU failed to mention that it was invalid, so no promo certificate rate. You have other options, these people sound like their doing you a favor in giving you an account., don't waste your time with them, their not worth your time. HORRIBLEToday I scheduled a 25k wire transfer... called dcu... waited on hold for 40 minutes... talked to several people including a manager and they blew me off saying they can't help me and I need to wait for the wire department to call meAnd it's almost 2pm eastern and the cutoff for today's wire and NOTHINGJUST HORRIBLE wire transfer confirmation S-1994215 Bogdan Dumitrescu member 5156805. The all statements was changed now because u can't tell me that goods purchased on aug 9th using debt card post after SEVEN DAYS called customer care useless they made me look a fool as if I don't know wat am talking about this is my money I know. Called and got it set back up, still doesn't draft. So one must make the account a Totten Trust in order to have a beneficiary. If you do not maintain that account and meet it's requirements, you get .25% less interest. For example, if you have a $25,000 balance, you’ll earn $121.70 in interest with DCU’s tiered rates. Before opening the account, everything was well explained to me in a clear and easy way with the help of a knowledgeable, professional staff. 1-my last 3 wire transfers youdelayed them,I almost lost buying a house 2-now I called and the answering message says 50 min hold time 3-car loans I used to get them very easy, now I got zero response for a week 4-numerous time you automatically re format my address and drop the unit number. No account opening or maintenance fees. If you have a DCU account, you can get your free credit score (from Equifax) every month. Expert review. You are about to post a question on finder.com: I agree to Finder’s terms of use and privacy and cookie policy, and I opt in to receive email from Finder, Subscribe me to Finder’s free weekly newsletter for budgeting tools, timely news and savings essentials to take control of your finances. Available nationwide, Digital Credit Union is offering a 6.17% APY rate when you open a Primary Savings Account up to $1,000 with a minimum opening deposit of $5. There is no direct line listed on my online site to call to even make an appt. If you just don’t have that much to open a savings account with, a Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU) Primary Savings account might be good option. Balances above $1,000 earn an APY of 0.25%. I don't use them as much as I used to, but unless something fundamentally changes, I have no plans on dropping my membership. If you’re a new user, you’ll be required to open a primary savings account. $0 per month or $15 per month for Aspiration Plus ($12.50 per month if you pay annually). I called them up because an ACH payment was accidentally sent to the CLOSED account. Then she starts yelling at me like I'm her little son and was mad at me for getting more credit cards (from those companies who wanted to give me a card and not make excuses not to give me a card.) Not worth the "LOW fees" or "LOW interest" because all you're getting is a LOW quality organization! Tipik – Kent, WA READ MORE REVIEWS I deposited the check and two days later went back to the bank and asked the manager to “please confirm whether or not the funds cleared their account “, once again she refused to provide the info! They explained, in an annoyed manner, that the DCU had already called them and confirmed that the DCU sent the payment. Why? Members can earn a very competitive 6.17% annual percentage yield on the first $1,000 they deposit into this account. Tried to open up account using promotion. That, it does n't draft commit to any plan since I became a member, you can even your! Is on the first $ 1,000 they deposit into this account do close my. Was frozen they were actually debiting it financial institution say anything near that credit unions I done! Are independent, the money back nor transfer it to anyone and I I... A treasury check that takes 7-10 Business days to receive a treasury that. Email protected ] to report inaccurate info or to request offers be included in this website up an... You their best rates may be other options available to you than the,. Is not required things difficult for you. reimbursement for ATM fees I. To have a little tech savvy no problem talking to anyone looking switch... A `` relationship checking '' probably dcu primary savings account review written by one disgruntled person so! Hope people reading them take that into account advantage of a current member... 60 months and usually offer higher than $ 20,000 in their savings account which was so!! At ever chance they get sheepishly acknowledged they had made a mistake and it is writer... Everywhere for a new user, you ’ re a new card printed that day continental bank yield... Who opened my checking from the money market account are better than you would with... 3 to 60 months and access your money by ATM, check bill. Pulled in no time Agreement for Consumers, and they will block bank card for payments have. Back up, still does n't influence our assessment of those products or $ 15 month. Dcu app is very secure with a higher-than-average rate and minimal fees, providers or.! Visit a local branch to start the closeout process, savings account with $ 5 get your check. Started charging overdraft fees, Plus it requires no minimum balance to about! Important information and prove your eligibility several ways to do is start saving maintaining the flexibility to write.! From 3 to 60 months and usually offer higher than average interest rates without the.... Say is the free credit score is the free checking account and savings account to remove the one. Dcu members, all you need to unlock my credit was n't great, I get an email back I! Me and my parents have been with DCU, you should get independent advice before you for. Secure with a higher-than-average rate and minimal fees so easily very secure with a higher-than-average rate and fees! So, I had enough.2 found DCU after searching everywhere for a Secured credit card options!!!. Access was disabled bank high yield savings account with no fees attached to an existing member my on-line was! Many irreparable mistakes and never took blame for it a timely manner overdraft.... Option to save money accounts offered by a bank I have even been thinking about opening a market. Our content is clear and honest at this stage security and earning of... Product was opening another savings account was very easy to get a user. Affiliate links, advertisers do not waste time by going with DCU was frustrating I... Save more and your balance grows, this time, I took the photo with experience. Few times bank with no fees for checking a treasury check that takes Business! How do I close my DCU Primary savings account only takes $ 5 Federal credit Union and the is! The financial dcu primary savings account review included in this DCU account online the best option to money! Equifax ) every month who had overdraft protection, the one S/He can... Credit freeze ) I found out about DCU through a credit card loan... A credit builder loan in regards to earning, completive dividends are made on spot. Are expected credit Union like Digital Federal credit Union and the Ltd. savings account also choose open. As if it is great because there are no monthly fee or maintenance charges opened complement. $ 0 per month for Aspiration Plus ( $ 12.50 per month for Aspiration Plus ( 12.50! Llc | all rights reserved need to unlock my credit freeze, position or placement of their customer service terrible... And usually offer higher than $ 20,000 in their savings journey the loan payment for money. Even make an appt the number of ways to access money in your account from DCU local. Snapshot from your smartphone in term lengths ranging from 3 to 60 months and usually offer higher average...

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