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It has continued to achieve critical and commercial success in the new millennium, with artists such as Sebadoh, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Murder City Devils, Hot Pre-dating the dancepunk movement by a few years, 6FS didn’t exactly make music you could groove to, but rather music you could squirm, write and flail to. From peppy singles like the aforementioned “Rebound” and “Skull,” to the high speed “Give Up” and intense “Not Too Amused,” there’s nary a bad track. If for no other reason than for hearing the title track and “Jesus, The Mexican Boy,” this record is a necessary addition to any collection. Actually, I’m almost certain it is right now; no matter. Catalog, rate, tag, and review your music. WINK is a fitting... Gerald Clayton’s “Theme From MLK/FBI” is from the award-winning film MLK/FBI and is now available on all DSPs and on a 7” single along with Preservation Hall’s Jazz Band’s “Lift Every Voice & Sing,” worldwide from Sub Pop. Jeff Terich is the founder and editor of Treble. Nouns is a kick in the ass to punk rock, fired up and drenched in noise and feedback. "The 1961 Report of the Register of Copyrights on the General Revision of the U.S. While they’ve made a reputation as an explosive live act through the years, the one album that actually came close to capturing that inflammability was Shine a Light, the kind of album that surges at full steam at almost every turn. The record selection is quite large and vinyl lovers should definitely take a look -- the stock includes comedy and spoken-word stuff as well as Sub Pop's own albums. Non-commercial use of images permitted, with attribution to Pette Discographies. To celebrate Sub Pop’s 25th anniversary, which was marked this past weekend with a series of events in Seattle, PopMatters has compiled a list of 25 memorable Sub Pop albums, which -- … The Afghan Whigs brought a couple of notable things to the table when the joined Sub Pop’s ranks: 1.) Loser LP sold out LP $18 CD $10 Cassette $10 Digital $10 Buy now. Cartel Madras both direct and star in the new video for “DRIFT,” their lifted, collaborative single with Toronto hip hop producer Dom Dias, available now on DSPs in Canada from Royal Mountain Records and the rest of the world through Sub Pop.Cartel Madras’s Eboshi and Contra had this to say about “DRIFT,” “We teamed up with Toronto’s Dom Dias to... Lael Neale directs and stars in the official video for “Blue Vein,” the lead single from her forthcoming album Acquainted With Night, out February 19th, 2021 on LP*/CD/DL/CS worldwide through Sub Pop. It’s short, certainly, but gorgeous, among the most beautiful music Beam has made. Moaning Uneasy Laughter Sub Pop Buy now. Songs of Comfort and Hope Yo-Yo Ma & Kathryn Stott $11.19 $ 11. While it may seem a bit premature to lump a two-month-old album in with a list of the 20 best Sub Pop albums of all time, No Age certainly deserves the honor. ‘Wink’, the group’s first with new home Sub Pop and third in total, will be released on 21st May. While Manos and Strand both were wonderful in their own rights, the third in the series was a bigger sounding, more sparkling affair. A Paul Revere piece. With Apologies to the Queen Mary, these four Canadian miscreants unleashed a fuzzy and fun M-80 packed full of unshakable melodies, buzzing guitars and organs, and an earnest but fun spirit. Soundtracks. Clear Hide queue. That’s a form of dancing, right? Where so many others rushed toward a finish line in each song, Codeine took their time, allowing scenery to unfold and space to open up. Once Isaac Brock started doing some headhunting for Sub Pop, some truly interesting acts began to emerge on the label’s roster. Before even landing on Sub Pop, Sleater-Kinney had already released six albums, most of them essential, or at the very least, awesome. When Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello came up with the idea to collaborate via mail on an electronic pop record, it was an intriguing concept, with proof of its potential for success in prior collaboration “(This is the Dream of) Evan and Chan.” Not only were there three outstanding singles—”Such Great Heights,” “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight” and “We Will Become Silhouettes”—but between those tracks are seven more impeccable gems, from the symphonic disco of “Nothing Better” to the hypnotic “Natural Anthem” and the 8-bit surge of “Brand New Colony.” And, for my money, it’s one of the only electronic albums that sounds good while you’re curling under a blanket on a rainy day. It’s a bit more personal, and features a few surprises that some of the other tastemakers out there may not have chosen for their own. Blues. These ones need to be put back into circulation Over 25+ years, Sub Pop has cemented itself as the most important record label in the pacific northwest and one of the most influential indie labels in the music world. Now sit back and enjoy while we gently take your skull for a ride: It’s probably best to start from the beginning. Ahead of its release, they present lead single/video “ACTION.” Their third full-length and first for Sub Pop, WINK contains CHAI’s mellowest and most minimal music, and also their most affecting and exciting songwriting by far. Sub Pop Verified Sub Pop Records Seattle Pro Unlimited All Popular tracks Tracks Albums Playlists Reposts Station Follow Share. Shuffle. 36 submissions pending; Share. There were punk-fueled rants such as “Negative Creep” and “School,” meaty rockers like “Blew,” catchy singles such as “About a Girl,” and Sub Pop singles club debut “Love Buzz.” Everybody knows this album front and back, and if they don’t, well, sacrilege, illegality, etc. Next up. I couldn’t very well include one Gutter Twin and not the other, now could I? His entire recorded output is pretty spectacular, to the point that it became particularly difficult to select an album to be represented here. A silvery reflective album cover, a CD with two sides that look exactly the same, hardly any liner notes—just what, exactly, were these guys trying to pull? Tracks like “Sorry Again” and “Rubble” revealed just how deep this band’s hooks sink in, and “Hey You, Get Off My Moon” found Sarah Shannon’s sweet and sugary vocals awash in a dreamy ballad of sorts. As a matter of fact, several artists that have released albums on Sub Pop this year—Gutter Twins, Ruby Suns, Fleet Foxes—actually were competitive as well. Of course, when Comets rolled in, with new fifth member Ben Chasny in tow, they brought with them tons of noise, an Echo-plex that could destroy planets, and some of the heaviest, most insane psychedelic rock music to have ever been slapped with that black and white logo. The two-headed songwriting beast of Dan Boeckner and Spencer Krug created a scruffy rumble of sound that, at its rowdiest, barked mercilessly, and at its most serene, could bring a tear to one’s eye (see “I’ll Believe in Anything”). When you rate your music, the site's music/social recommender can recommend … Sub Pop Albums: Sub Pop Master List Home  Estimated values are based on recent auction results or online sales. A glacial, dreamy rock band with big guitars but no particular hurry to get to wherever it is they’re going, Codeine were something different. List and review the concerts you've attended, and track upcoming shows. Though that may be the song most frequently mentioned, and listened to, from this set, it has more than a few stiff competitors for one’s attention, namely opener “Caring is Creepy,” “Pressed in a Book” and the amazing closer “The Past and Pending.”. Iron & Wine, in the early ’00s, it introduced us all to a truly special and unique musician. [Photo credit: Warren Calbeck]Buildings burning in every direction; macabre unknowns in your friendly neighbor’s basement; undecid... Today, Japanese quartet CHAI are thrilled to announce their new album, WINK, out May 21st on Sub Pop. This is may collect user data. No band has been more synonymous with Sub Pop history that Seattle's grunge reprobates Mudhoney, who've essentially... 03. Portland’s Spinanes were one of the more unusual bands signed to Sub Pop in the ’90s, originally consisting of Rebecca Gates and Scott Plouf, and playing minimal, but gorgeous indie pop, sans bass. It follows 2019’s ‘Punk’. And seeing as how Sub Pop re-released it as a double disc set just this year, you can now get it with all the trimmings, including a disc of live recordings, and early singles like the legendary “Touch Me I’m Sick.”. ... Shabazz Palaces The Don Of Diamond Dreams Sub Pop Buy now. ballads and 2.) For a label that boasts a 75 cent Olympia beer vending machine in its office, Sub Pop still isn’t quite old enough to drink. Mega Mart cassette albums. It’s amazing just how breathtaking art can be when you don’t rush through it. By that point I still knew what to expect. Volume. Father John Misty – ‘Pure Comedy’ Josh Tillman – aka Father John Misty – may be as well-known … An album that found the trio still arriving upon new sound configurations out of a deceptively simple set-up, A middle ground between straightforward pop aggression and arranged complexity, Album of the Week: "what it takes in comfort it gives back in a kind of therapeutic, empowering invincibility" -…, "The band are just as rowdy, their riffs taut as ever and their rhythms just as punchy, but these songs feel less r…, 10 Great Albums Featuring Famous Backing Bands, Listen to Chris Crack’s new single “False Evidence Appearing Real” from new album, Thurston Moore, Mark Lanegan, Mercury Rev to cover Galaxie 500 in video series, Constantines release “Call Me Out,” their first new song in over a decade, Stream new albums out today from Wire, Jeff Parker, Wolf Parade. Chapter 319 Downtown Boys L’Internationale Cartel Madras WORKING Washed Out Purple Noon Shabazz Palaces MEGA CHURCH Please review our complete Privacy Policy for more information. But more importantly, they took the grungy sound that so many of the label’s best bands fine-tuned and added a sexy swagger to it as well. Edit Label ; Data Quality Rating: Needs Vote. Now, before you say “hey, wait a minute, (Blog/zine/newspaper) already did that!”, keep in mind that Sub Pop has released hundreds of albums, all of them decent, many of them great, and at least 20 of them must-haves. But there’s a certain warmth and intimacy about The Postal Service’s debut. “A person who winks is a person with a pure heart, who lives with flexibility, who does what they want. SUB POP DISCOGRAPHY Releases Sumac Two Beasts Bob’s Burgers Christmas CHAI Donuts Mind If I Do Julia Jacklin to Perth, before the border closes clipping. Shabazz Palaces The Don Of Diamond Dreams Sub Pop Buy now. Top 20 Best Albums on Sub Pop Records. Japanese gang CHAI have announced details of a new album. It’s a lo-fi masterpiece, plain and simple, chock full of emotion, fuzz and snot. Galloping through the town as a strident declamation. By admin Son Güncelleme Dec 18, 2020. Metal. Sub Pop Jan 22, 2021 Web Exclusive By Jimi Arundell Canadian indie rockers Kiwi Jr. scored a touchdown at the beginning of 2020 when they dropped their debut album, Football Money , finding fans at both ends of the Atlantic with their effortlessly cool attitude and melodic charming tracks drawing comparisons with Pavement and even The Strokes. I still get a rush hearing “Pillars.”, Ask me on a different day and I would probably tell you that Chutes Too Narrow is my favorite Shins album. Sunny Day Real Estate – How It Feels to Be Something On, Sunny Day Real Estate released three stellar albums on Sub Pop in the ’90s, and each one most certainly deserves to be here, if for no other reason than that they all boast some incredible songs. Sub Pop Songs. After Plouf left the band to play in Built to Spill, Gates continued on with the Spinanes as a solo project, turning in the sexiest and arguably best album in 1998’s Arches and Aisles. Sub Pop Verified. Hear new Sub Pop Singles Club, Vol. Dayglo (album) Deer Creek Canyon; Depression Cherry; Descended Like Vultures; Despised (Seaweed (band) album) Diaper Island; Diary (Sunny Day Real Estate album) Dig Me Out; Digital Garbage; Do to the Beast; Dolls of Highland; Donkey (album) Double Negative (album) Dream Hunting in the Valley of the In-Between; Dreamcake; Drums and Guns; Dumb Luck (album) Dynamite Steps 6 is now open for subscriptions. Stay up to date on news, reviews, interviews and more. Pop. Jazz. It makes perfect sense that the band would sign to a major label shortly thereafter; after this record, who wouldn’t want the Whigs on their roster? Its early releases include works of Nirvana, Mudhoney, Soundgarden, and TAD. I mean, it still has Nirvana and the Shins on it, but if you can find a way to make a definitive list of Sub Pop’s 20 best albums and not include them…well, I’ll just assume you’re lying. (I mean, shit, they got Eric’s Trip to play—how cool is that?). Station Follow Share. Whitmer Thomas Songs from The Golden One Hardly Art Buy now. Plus, I can also say this album opened me up to about 50 percent of what I listen to now, so that’s something to be proud of. It was a bolder, more ambitious record, with the distortion turned down just a bit, and ten powerful tunes that showed just how far this band’s creativity could stretch. When Bleach was released in 1989, few could've suspected it would be the album to define the entire decade of the... 02. Stream songs including "Kidult", "Lacandona" and more. Today, Japanese quartet CHAI are thrilled to announce their new album, WINK, out May 21st on Sub Pop ().Ahead of its release, they present lead single/video “ACTION.” Their third full-length and first for Sub Pop, WINK contains CHAI’s mellowest and most minimal music, and also their most affecting and exciting songwriting by far. R&B. But this slow and steady pace left room for melodic crystallization. 0. Heavier Songs From Sub Pop. Neale offers this, “I wrote it arou... Join our mailing list to get the latest Sub Pop news. Chris Brokaw’s guitars were distorted and reverberated (which would come to be a trademark in Come, as well), while songs rarely pushed past 50 bpm…if that. You get the idea. One Way Street: The Sub Pop Albums is a special five-LP box set that presents Lanegan's first five solo albums -- 1990's The Winding Sheet, 1994's Whiskey for the Holy Ghost, 1998's Scraps at Midnight, 1999's I'll Take Care of You, and 2001's Field Songs-- in fresh 180-gram pressings from new When introduced to the world in 1990, Frigid Stars revealed Codeine as the slowest of the slow. Of course, this store is primarily for Sub Pop stuff, so front and center you'll find CDs and records, T-shirts and hats, and music-themed books. The best band he brought to the table, however, was Montreal’s Wolf Parade. “Blue Vein” is her personal anthem. Tracks like “Turn on The Water” and “I’m Her Slave” combined a dirty rock sound with funk and soul for a late night trip into intoxicated, sexual predatory darkness. All images copyright their respective owners. Sub Pop’s first LP was the self-titled, and only, album from Green River, a band that was notable for helping make one of the first “grunge” albums, and for its … He's been writing about music for 20 years and has been published at American Songwriter, Bandcamp Daily, Reverb, Spin, Stereogum, uDiscoverMusic, VinylMePlease and some others that he's forgetting right now. In a manner of speaking, this was their OK Computer. 34 $39.98 $39.98 (2,333) Back in Black [Vinyl] AC/DC Bringing yet another micro-genre to the label in the early to mid-90s, Washington, D.C.’s Velocity Girl played a shoegazer-meets-power pop sound that critics dubbed “bubblegrunge.” That sound reached a new peak of glossy perfection with the John Porter-produced Simpatico. Commercial use of images on this site is not permitted. Maybe I’m a sentimental goofball. Once the correct side of the disc makes its way into the player, then everything comes into focus. LP $17 CD $10 Digital $10 Buy now. He played a dark and ragged sort of balladry, equal parts Nick Cave, Johnny Cash and Tom Waits, which was a markedly different sort of project than that with his full-time band. Sebadoh -- "Bubble and Scrape" Top 20 Best Albums on Sub Pop Records. Everybody shout along: “Nighttime, anytime…it’s alright!”, In the label’s 20 years, Sub Pop put out quite a few records by bands who drew influences from Led Zeppelin and Blue Cheer, but by the time they came around to signing Comets on Fire, most of them had been long disbanded. Nirvana – Bleach (1989) With hindsight, it’s easy to see Bleach as merely Nirvana’s caustic baby … I would have lost that money, but it wouldn’t have mattered as its sweet, innocent melodies would have kept me from getting too upset anyhow. Clipping - Chapter 319. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Sub Pop 200 - Various Artists on AllMusic - 1988 - With the exception of the Melvins, at the point… Superfuzz Bigmuff is pretty much the definitive grunge release, short but loud and chock full of great songs. Bleach isn't just Sub Pop's cash cow or an intriguing piece of Nirvana memorabilia, it's one of the most rakish and challenging albums the label's ever birthed. Sub Pop (Intentional) Comedy. Loser LP sold out LP $18 CD $10 Cassette $10 Digital $10 Buy now. Like a bite-sized Sonic Youth, a sneering My Bloody Valentine, or a slightly less brutal Hüsker Dü, No Age is making punk worthwhile again. Marketplace 300 For Sale. Christian & Gospel. CHAI Announce New Album, WINK, out May 21st on Sub Pop, Watch the Video for “ACTION”, Hear Grammy-Nominee Gerald Clayton’s “Theme From MLK/FBI” from MLK/FBI, the award-winning documentary, Cartel Madras direct and star in the official video for “DRIFT,” their new collaboration with Toronto producer Dom Dias, Watch Lael Neale’s “Blue Vein” official video from Acquainted With Night, her full-length, Sub Pop debut, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever share video for “The Only One” from Sideways To New Italy, their acclaimed album from 2020. Kiwi Jr. shares the official video for “Waiting in Line,” a new offering from Cooler Returns, out January 22nd, 2021 on Sub Pop/Kiwi Club, Watch TV Priest’s official video for “Press Gang” from Uppers, their forthcoming debut out February 5th, 2021 on Sub Pop. Mudhoney may not have technically been the first grunge band, but they’re definitely one of the first, one of the most influential, one of the best, one of the most consistent and, last but not least, the longest running grunge band, as they’re still cranking out fuzzbox anthems to this day. This synth-punk foursome wielded Moogs and noise like nobody’s business, churning out a snotty and inhuman noise rock brand, equally inspired by Devo and Chrome. Rate Your Music is an online community of people who love music. In fact, the fine people at Sub Pop took it upon themselves a hell of a bash in Seattle, inviting damn near every band who has ever recorded an album on the Northwestern imprint to join in the festivities. Sometimes also referred to as Sub Pop Music. It was sad to see the trio split after this release, but at least they went out with a bang. All Rights Reserved. When Sub Pop signed Florida cinematography professor Sam Beam, a.k.a. Yet after making the label shift and spending some quality studio time with producer Dave Fridmann, the three ladies from Portland summoned a mighty rock `n’ roll beast from within, creating their most intense and muscular album to date.

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